Clever Calendar – ICT

Just wanted to share with you all a great ICT resource I found on my Prac.

I was using a C2C maths lesson, however my mentor was very flexible in what I taught, as long as the students were meeting the learning outcomes. The students were just starting a unit on time and the first lesson was dedicated to going over days of the week, months of the year etc. We looked at the class calendar and discussed why we use a calendar etc. We then went online and found Clever Calendar. It is an online calendar that anybody can save and use. We first started to look at the similarities and differences between our class calendar and the online calendar. We then had an activity where the students used the online calendar to record important dates (birthdays, assessments etc). They loved interactively touching the calendar, changing the months and selecting the dates. They assured me that they like it soo much better than their paper calendar that they are going to use this every morning as part of the their morning routine. It is such a simple program to use and the students will love the independance and respnsibilty it gives them.

Teachers Pay Teachers Resource

Teachers – listen up! A great new resource!!!

Anyone heard of Teachers Pay Teachers??? I hadn’t until I went on Prac and my mentor introduced me to it!

It is amazing! Kind of like Pinterest – it has a heap of categories and sections to search for almost anything in the classroom. There are some resources on their that cost a small fee, but many are free. Categories are based around subjects or prices where teachers can put up their own original resources to share and others can download these. I love looking through this – so many amazing ideas and things to do!




Last week of blogging

So now Prac is all finished, assignment written and just doing my last blogs for week 15. I have been thinking over the past few weeks if I am going to continue with blogging when this course is over…but I don’t know…

I know my mentor from my Prac did blog and read lots of blogs which she found very useful in her teaching. But I am just not sure it is for me. Karen too posted about her futre intentions on blogging. I would rather spend my time reading text books and meeting people rather than looking and reading at blogs. I am a young-ster and up with the new technology age, but still have not really fitted into the ‘blogging’ craze.

I am very thankful for this course and my experience with edublogs – but you won’t see me hanging around here for much longer.